Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Welcome to The Player's Lounge Baby....

One of the many interesting things that I get to see that most other people don't is the VIP and backstage areas of different arenas.  While the circus was in San Diego, the performances were at the Valley View Casino Center which is a smaller and older arena that has a wide variety of concerts, events, roller derbies, etc.

What I found most interesting about this particular venue was how everything was built in the mid sixties...then never updated.  Usually, this would mean a pretty run down building that should be bulldozed and started over again *cough* Selland Arena *cough* but incredibly, while everything in the building was straight out of 1965, it was in exceptionally well maintained and in good condition.

For example, I spent a bit of time in the Valley View Casino Player's Lounge (oh yeah!)

Mostly because it was quiet, dark, a fantastic place to catch a nap during split shows (err...take my laptop to one of the giant orange couches and do some number crunching!)

I don't even know you could legally buy furniture that color after 1981...
So, the place definitely had charm and some really cool other traditions.  Every show that comes to that arena gets a custom poster made by a local artist and they are incredible.  Almost every wall backstage has these posters lining them for wrestling, concerts, circuses, etc.  (the one for my show was awesome, I'm still trying to find a way to get one because they do very limited print runs).  Here are some of the awesome examples:

And the not so awesome examples, but the artist can only do so much...

Sadly, they were also bolted to the wall.  If this autographed Tiesto poster woudn't have been, I'm not sure I could have trusted myself not to try and steal it.
So, a successful run through San Diego, I'd certainly give the city a thumbs up and look forward to returning in the future.  Assuming I remain with my current show, I'll be back in two years and I'm sure there will be plenty more great posters to look at by then.


  1. I've really enjoyed the blog. Hope you keep posting.

  2. I'd like to echo Pooh Tastic's comment. Hope you are/will continue updating.