Monday, August 19, 2013

San Diego - Insert "Whale's Vagina Joke Here"

I decided that I needed to pick back up the travel stuff because I really do get to see a ton of cool stuff and it seems like this is as good of a place as any to keep a record of it.  The last stop on the tour was in San Diego, which meant there was uninterrupted week of Anchorman references and jokes (like the one in the title line, if you're confused, go to this video for an example).

For the heck of it, a female associate and I decided to bounce out of Anaheim at the end of the last show, rent a car and drive to San Diego to get a couple extra days in what we had heard was a pretty cool city and I'm pretty glad we did as it also basically gave us a three day weekend.  During that time, we got to see some exotic animals at the world famous San Diego Zoo:

Because, of course, I don't see enough Elephants during the work week...

My Humps, My Humps, My Humps, My Humps - Check it out!
Spend a day in the ever reputable city of Tijuana, Mexico:

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The beach was beautiful and as nice as any we had seen in California if you ignore the trash piled up and the third wold building codes behind you.  Sadly, the water was also ice cold which surprised me in Mexico.

Rooms here were about $18 a night.  We considered checking in, then we decided it was time to take a break from the tequila shots as we were obviously feeling their effects.

This is the arch, which apparently was supposed to be a tourist attraction at some point, why anybody wants to rip off tourist ideas from St. Louis is anybody's guess, but hey, at least the food was great:

And a day spent at Sea World San Diego (because between working in a circus and going to the zoo, we hadn't seen enough exotic animals):

The entire trip, gas + car + hotel, etc. really only ran me about $300-400, which I consider well worth it given the amount I got to see and experience that I wouldn't have if we would have stayed on the train.  Since I have no idea when I'll get to return to San Diego, I thought the days off and extra sightseeing was well worth it.  

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