Monday, July 15, 2013

The Hardest Working Show on Earth

As I've mentioned before, my background is a pretty typical 8-5 office gig.  Obviously there are times in all of my jobs when the team I worked with and I would come in early and/or leave late, but I have never worked hours like I have in the circus.

My schedule (times vary greatly depending on show times):
Monday and Tuesday - train runs.  Spend a couple of hours a day on the phone. In theory, these are my days off. That being said, I checked out my usage for most of June.  960 cell phone minutes, 2,327 text messages and around 18 gb of data used.  Obviously that is a combined total of personal and business, but the majority of the time spent on the phone and text messages are all work related. 

Wednesday and Thursday (one show days) - Roll into the venue around noon and leave after the show around 9:30

Friday (usually a 2 show day) - Arrive at noon - leave around 10 pm.  This will generally be a "split show" day where there will be a morning and an evening show.  I have the opportunity to leave, go shopping, go back to the train and take a nap, etc. but having time in the office that is quiet and unlikely to be interrupted is golden and a great time to get some project work done.

Saturday (almost always a 3 show day) - Arrive at 10 am - leave around midnight.  Most people really like to go out on their Saturday nights and get wild.  Trust me, I get it, it's lots of fun and I did it for a long time, but like everything else that is different in the circus,  after a three show day, it's a one way trip straight back to the train and to bed. 

Sunday can either be a 2 show day or a 3 show day, see the schedule above.  If we have a three show Saturday and a three show Sunday, that's called a six pack weekend.  This is the first time I've ever thought a "six-pack" was a bad thing.  My first six pack weekend was in Fresno, California and I was glad that I had a full day of a train run to chill out, write blog posts and just watch some great scenery.

But, the point of this post isn't to virtually pat myself on the back for how hard I work, see the picture below:

I took this picture in Tucson around 10:30 PM after a two show day.  Basically, everybody in this picture had worked in some capacity a full day and they're using their night time to practice acrobatics (they're currently climbing silk ropes right now, which is a full body workout if I've ever seen it).  If this was a video you would notice some Russian acrobats practicing flips to go from "great" to "perfect". 

Really, I just wanted to tip my hat to all the people who work to make this the amazing show that it is.  An amazing amount of passion, blood, sweat and tears go into this every day, from the cooks in the kitchen to the General Manager at the top.  The payoff is that we have an incredible show that puts smiles on the faces of thousands of people at once. 

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