Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Desert: Week 2 - Tucson, AZ

I really tried to think up a clever title for the week we spent in Tucson, but none came.  If one comes to me, there's always the edit feature.  Really, it was another week in the Arizona desert with 100 degree nights and worse days.  Being from the midwest, it just isn't my bag, but hey I did take this job to see the country and I've never spent a lot of time in the desert. 

Yep, this is about it.

In every city, I generally get some time to myself to explore and see what's cool about every city.  I've discovered that pretty much every city we stop in has at least one day of cool stuff (I've found one city that is the exception to that rule, but more on that later).  In Tucson, some of the cool stuff included the Hotel Congress, where John Dillinger was capture for the first time

Fourth Avenue, which is apparently the Tucson nightlife hotspot when school is in session.  A bar called The Hut sports this giant random tiki tower:

Then, you find new things that really make you wonder.  What kind of city I am in where this sign actually needs to be made?

Hit up a few places on 4th Ave, it was surprisingly hard to find a place whose kitchen was open late on a weekday night.  Out with a couple friends and hungry late one night, the only place was the Surly Wench Pub which was the friendly type of place where there was a biker gang outside the door and a hard rock concert going on inside at roughly 800 decibels.  

 It's important to remember that looks (and obscenely loud music) isn't everything.  After all, we were there for the food.  The place had a great burger and had a really good tater tot/nacho dish.  I personally liked the bar with the huge American flags, random pieces of Americana combined with Native American pieces.  Cool vibe, would have just preferred to go back on a night with a different musical selection.

One cool thing about Tucson is that there are just giant random public art displays...everywhere.  It adds a nice element to the city, I have no idea what this building is supposed to be, but it has a pretty impressive mosaic on the side

I've never claimed to be much of an art critic. My two cents on the following marvelous piece of modern art:  Big, red, metal.  Lovely!

 Week two in the desert done and then it's off to Phoenix.  Short train run followed by a long show week, a tough combination.  Train runs are when I catch up on sleep, clean my room, write blog entries and watch the country go by from my vestibule and get some time alone.  That aside, here's the randoms from Tucson:

One must always be careful where one walks in the circus

Yes, I'm secretly 13 years old.  It says "Do Not Hump".  I giggled every time I walked by it.

Fun Fact, pretty much every one of those lights travels with us.

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