Monday, July 29, 2013

Some Circus Hijinks - Part one of many

As you will all be shocked to know, sometimes there are members of our cast, crew and staff who like to play some practical jokes or make editorial comments wherever and whenever possible.  Allow me to share a few from Anaheim, California:

1. Chef's opinion of the note is written below:

2. One of the staff members took vacation.  There is a group who has been perpetuating pranks on each other whenever one leaves the show for a few days by doing some redecorating each other's rooms in their absence.  One staff member decided to bring his girlfriend out to join the show and their first night together in his train room, they had an unexpected guest:  Nicholas Cage.  Enjoy:

The sad part about this is that I didn't get a picture of the reaction when the lucky gentleman returned to the train tonight to see the new decor of his train room.  However, trust me, it was priceless.

Every day's a circus.  Even dark days (like today)

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