Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July everybody from Fresno, California! 

I just wanted to hope that your Independence Days are as wild and crazy as an average circus day! Tonight is a company party at the arena, so I'm back at the train hanging out between the show and the party getting some refuge from the killer humidity that we've walked into in Fresno.  I was really tired of the desert heat of Las Vegas, Tucson and Phoenix (when your cooks can fry an egg on the sidewalk, you know the place isn't fit for human habitation) but wasn't ready for the punch in the gut that 110 degrees and heavy humidity was here in California.

Tonight I'm looking forward to my first "official" company party.  If you think about it, we travel with several million dollars in sound and lighting equipment, a food truck, a band and a pyro crew.  What else do you need for a good party?

May your barbecues be excellent and your holiday be well enjoyed remembering all of the great things about the USA!

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