Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Free the Clowns!

I haven't mentioned it, because I'm really supposed to be silent on the subject, but out here on the west coast we have had to deal with a large group of animal rights activists who really like to kill animals (you figure it out, we're just confused).  When I say that, I'm referring to PETA who enjoys coming to our shows to protest the use of animals in our shows.  What confuses me is that these people kill animals in their shelters and we spend untold amounts of money, effort and time keeping ours alive and happy.

These are the same idiots that had that think it would be a great idea to break in and free all the tigers, because a bunch of tigers wandering around Southern California would end well for everybody.

But, this story isn't really about them because they're a bunch of lunatics who I sincerely hope get hit by an asteroid.  (Maybe karma is a thing?)  This story is about the awesome people who came out to our show in Ontario, California.

They truly had a cause that we believe in!  They really wanted to protest the circus for the right reasons!  They wanted to fight the horrors that befall the clowns, so they did this:

They attended our show last year and saw the idiots who plant themselves outside our show and decided to do some protesting of their own.  The animal killers (PETA supporters) really didn't like it.  It's a shame I didn't get a shot at one of them try to pick a fight with the Clown Right protesters.  Anyway, I tracked down this group of awesome individuals at intermission and found out that they didn't just bring signs, they made jewelry to support the cause!

So, below, please enjoy their fantastic artwork, have a laugh and raise your glass to these fantastic individuals because everybody here in the circus certainly is!

Clowns are kept in CAGES!!! (maybe)

Free the CLOWN SLAVES!!!


What If Clowns Can Feel?  Stop the Abuse!
There was one additional one that the clowns claimed ownership of before I had the chance to get a picture that said "Clowns are almost like people!!!".  If I can get a picture, I'll post it.

Anyway, in the long odds that the people above read the blog, go you.  You were a huge morale boost to the entire show.  Southern California is a lot of long engagements and hard work and having the laugh really boosted everybody.

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