Sunday, June 2, 2013

Who is Calling Me from the 941 Area Code?

A lot of people have asked me how I found the circus, if I fell in love one day and decided to run away, whether they found me through some connection or maybe if they just got on facebook, found my profile and figured “hell, this guy will fit right in here” (a scary proposition if true). 
The real story is actually quite boring:

When I graduated from University of Cincinnati in 2010 (Go Bearcats!), I was looking for a job and figured it would be the perfect time in my life to do some traveling and see the world.  While searching for 100% travel jobs, I found the Paymaster job with the circus and sent in a resume because, why not?  Long story short, I never heard from them and I went into a corporate finance and accounting gig and lived in that world for three years.  Every now and again when I was bored, I would check the the circus job board to see if they were looking for another Paymaster.  It was a fun five minute mental escape to think “Man, what if I traveled the world in the circus?  Wouldn’t that be crazy?”  Anyway, so in Spring of 2013, I saw that the Paymaster gig was back on the job board, wasn’t doing anything particularly cool with my night, so I sent in a resume.  I promptly had forgotten about it by the time the sun had come up the next morning.

Fast forward a few weeks, I’m walking out of work to lunch and my phone rings from a number I didn’t know and an area code I had never heard of, specifically the 941 area code.  At that point, I got my angry voice ready to yell at the telemarketer who I assumed was calling me, answered the phone and it was a guy from the circus.  After two phone interviews, I had an offer in hand to join the Greatest Show on Earth!

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