Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Train Run: Colorado Springs to Las Vegas

After leaving Colorado Springs, the next stop was beautiful Sin City.  The train run was an extremely quiet one because a lot of people either flew and arrived two days early or drove and enjoyed an extra day to see the sights.  I quickly discovered that I need to get on my game about planning things in new cities, the ability to skip long train runs and do so cheaply would be nice.

 I considered a few alternate arrangements but since my plan was to party all week in Las Vegas, it seemed like a good idea to just hang out at home.  My train car was completely empty except for me so that enabled me to do whatever I want at whatever volume I wanted.  The unfortunate part is that the train run ended up running slightly behind schedule (at some points, 12+ hours by my estimates) but since we have an incredible train crew, we rolled in almost on time.

The weather on the train run was great, I spent some quality time out in my vestibule just watching the country go by.  Colorado is by far the most beautiful country I've been through, my few pictures don't do it justice.  The last night while we were rolling I was enjoying a cool mountain breeze with a North Face jacket on.  While it should have been obvious, I wasn't expecting the blast of hot air that waited for me when I walked out of my train car in Las Vegas.

Yes, this is my office on train runs.  Tough life.

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