Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Living Quarters of a Paymaster

I've had a lot of questions about my living quarters on the train. I live in a "private car" which means my room is a bigger than he public rooms because I don't lose two feet to a hallway. The downside is that I can't leave during train runs at all. So, on a two day train run, I spend 48 hours in here. 

It isn't as bad as it would sound, I get lots of time to get work done, watch movies, make phone calls (when I am lucky enough to have a cell signal), etc. but it would be nice if I could make it to the rest of the train to socialize a little bit. Out the door is the vestibule which is where I spend a good bit of time (and where most pictures of scenery are taken).

Down the hall (if you call it that) is my bathroom to the left and washer/dryer to the right. Really, my room is about the size of a dorm room with better amenities.  Granted, it is smaller than the bedroom that I left back home, but it forced me to downsize and get rid of lots of the junk that I had been keeping in closets.  Storage is sufficient with cabinets under my bed, above my bed, across the kitchen and pretty much everywhere else you could think to put them.
The kitchen has a four burner electric stove, full size fridge and sink.

There are two windows, one large one by my bed and a second above the sink in the kitchen. Unfortunately, neither of them open but I can always get fresh air by propping my door open.  The cars all have central air and heat (something I'm very happy about considering I'll spend the next month in the desert)

There are some upsides of having a private car, I share a huge water tank with only two other people so I can do laundry and such on train runs and it's very quiet, even if I'm watching TV or listening to loud music, my neighbors can't hear it.  The power on the train is very reliable, the only time it has ever gone out was when they were switching cars and had to disconnect power to add/take out cars.  The generator car (it does take an entire car) is about 14 cars away from mine.

I'm sure the picture below looks a bit odd, but panorama mode was the best way to get a 360 degree view of what the living space looks like.  Don't worry, just because I work for the circus doesn't mean that my train car is also a fun house. 

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  1. Thanks for the update. I just can't get past the train run isolation. 48 hours with no access! not even to the other suites in your car? What if you have an emergency? Get sick or injured? Run out of food?

    Are most runs shorter than that?

    If you stay in the public area of the train on a run, is there a place to crash if you get tired? Are the public areas crowded when underway? So many questions...