Sunday, June 2, 2013

Something's happening here...there's a man with an Elephant over there...

Let's start with an introduction:  I'm the Paymaster with a traveling circus, I live on a circus train and generally am in a different city every week or two.

I recently left a life in Ohio that where I an incredible group of friends, had a steady job in an office, a beautiful apartment in a great neighborhood, all in all, a pretty blessed life.  So, the logical thing to do was to leave it all and run away with the circus. 

I gave a lot of goodbye hugs (and a few goodbye kisses) and with almost every one, I promised I would keep in touch and let everybody know the stories from life with the circus.  If you've found this, then you've probably figured out how I plan on doing it. So, suspend disbelief, sit back and enjoy my stories of life with the Greatest Show on Earth!


  1. Super pumped about this blog! haha

  2. Can you post some photos of your living areas? That would be cool to see.