Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Playing Tourist in Colorado Springs - Part II

The circus had a rare treat, Wednesday was what was called a "dark day".  This is where almost everybody gets the day off.  There was much celebration and revelry the night before in the train yard in anticipation of the day off, that caused me to wake up slightly later than I had anticipated that day.  Hey, it was a day off, what's wrong with sleeping in?

One unfortunate thing about my job is that I don't have a vehicle and so I'm somewhat limited in where I can get in a given city.  I had hoped to check out Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods but couldn't find a group going.  Lucky for me, I had seen them on a prior family vacation.  Where I did make it to was the U.S. Olympic Training Center.  It was an interesting place to visit, free tour and certainly something you don't see every day (this, coming from the guy who has a parade of elephants happen several times daily).  It was remarkable to see the facilities they have dedicated to different sports.  One of the most interesting training areas I saw was the shooting area, the targets that Olympians are aiming at are roughly the size of a silver dollar from a good distance.  I consider myself a decent shot with both rifles and handguns, but I can't imagine what it takes to hit those targets.

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