Friday, June 14, 2013

Inside the Circus - Omaha

While I know that what I do for fun on my days off is the main reason that you're reading this blog, I'm sure that you're also quite interested in what types of things happen backstage of the Greatest Show on Earth.  Well, it being the Greatest Show on Earth, it's also the Greatest Backstage on Earth (trademark pending).

The CenturyLink Center is...massive.  We were able to house all animals inside the arena in addition to having our own lot for personal vehicles and RV's that was kept completely separate from people who were parking to see the show and parking for Taste of Omaha (I'm a bit sad I never made it over there).

In addition to hosting the circus there were at least two other conventions in the building while we were there.  That should give you an idea of how massive this building is. 

I enjoyed checking out the Old Market area, a very cool part of town.  Found a great place to buy craft beer called Beertopia which lived up to its name and I left with my wallet significantly lighter.

Anyway, getting past what I do for fun in my spare time, here are some pictures from the show.  Don't you wish this is where you worked?

Taken backstage one of the clown vehicles.

A look out onto the arena floor during setup

Part of the Clown act, taken from the floor of the Arena

A backstage shot, the small trailers are called wagons.  I work in a wagon, though neither of the ones in this picture.

The Tiger show!  By the way, the tiger trainer is a pretty cool guy.

Tigers, closer up.

This is part of the Circus Celebrity part of the show. The people in the pink teacup shaped objects in the foreground are actually audience members who get to be out on the floor during the show.  It's not a cheap ticket, but a once in a lifetime memory. 

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